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Indeterminate Parole Hearing Information


Illinois Prisoner Review Board En Banc Agenda - 03-30-2023

Illinois Prisoner Review Board En Banc Agenda - 02-21-2023 

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Indeterminate Parole Hearings are held for those individuals in custody that were sentenced for crimes committed prior to 1978.   For many years, this group was referred to as "C numbers".   Their sentence is a span of time such as 10-30 years or 50-150 years.  The individual will come before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board every one to five years to request parole after serving the minimum time on their sentence, which is calculated by the Illinois Department of Corrections. 

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board convenes in En Banc (meeting of the full or a majority of the Board) once a month to present a synopsis of the interview with the individual in custody and report any testimony given on their behalf or in protest of release.   

Parole is granted or denied to the individual upon a vote of the majority of Board Members assigned to the Board. If the vote is to deny, a Board Member may make a motion for a two to five year set for the next hearing date.  This motion requires a separate vote of the Board.    

If an individual is paroled by the Board, the parole term is for the duration of their sentence or until such time as a request is reviewed and approved for final discharge.

If an individual is not paroled by the Board and meets their maximum date of release by Statute, they will be released to a parole term of three years if they were sentenced after 1973.  If they were sentenced prior to 1973, their parole term is six months.

Use this link here to review what the members consider during the indeterminate parole hearing and decision process along with a Risk and Needs Assessment, where available.


December 15, 2022 Parole Registry


For a complete list of Indeterminately sentenced individuals that were previously been paroled by the Board, please use the following link:

Paroled Individual Registry



Monthly Indeterminate Case Open Minutes



  • If the hearing venue has any restrictions for capacity, all categories of registered attendees shall be given seating for the meeting after the pre-registered case parties have been set. This will occur until the threshold of the allotted attendees has been reached based on order of registration.
  • Registration is required to ensure the COVID protocols may be met.
  • When registering to attend these hearings, you will need to register for ALL cases you wish to attend.
  • Check in with the IPRB attendant prior to entering the hearing space.
  • Anyone registering on the day of En Banc will be allowed to enter the hearing upon availability of seating and assurance that any venue capacity issues have been addressed.
  • Everyone in attendance will be required to bring and properly wear a face mask/mouth and nose covering during the hearings .  This is to create a safe environment for those individuals who may have underlying health problems.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entry into the hearing area. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4 will not be allowed into the hearings in accordance with CDC Guidelines.
  • Each speaking area has wipes and hand sanitizer for your use between hearings and speakers.
  • Practice social distancing guidelines.  Gathering after the completion of the hearings inside the meeting area will be prohibited.
  • Please follow the CDC Guidelines for attendance at events and keeping others safe and stay home if you are not feeling well.